Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Stats for the Unstat-Loving Favre Fans

43 come from behind wins. 43 we're led to believe. That's a staggering number. I say: "Let's put that in perspective, shall we?" Kind of like trying to fathom all the cows it takes to make billions and billions served. With 272 starts (273 games), that's about one in every six. That's three times a year with playoffs in there, every year for his whole career. A 75% clip in that 4-12 year, which is a pretty crazy feat, and if you believe it, you ARE a true Favre fan.

OK, so I'm averaging, but you get the point. It ain't true, no matter how you slice it. And to get to that number, you have to slice it pretty thin. Razor thin. I'd love to have conjured the will to sift through all that mind-illuminating Favrian data, but David Fleming at the four-letter did it for me. Thank God. I would have careened unceremoniously off a ledge in an endeavor like that.

Don't read this article if you love your Legend and his game-winning Deitiness.


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