Thursday, October 1, 2009

Definition of Class

Aaron Rodgers continues to be and has always been the definition of class when it comes to the barrage of questions surrounding the departure of Brett Favre from Green Bay. He has had any number of opportunities to light up Favre with the truth that he acted like a child to the organization and to Aaron Rodgers personally, but he never has.

When asked today why he didn't reach out to Rodgers, Favre's response was typically juvenile: "For what?" He then went on to drop non-answers in the form of how he knew Rodgers was talented, etc. But he never answered the question, because as jilted as Favre is at Thompson for letting him go, he inexplicably tied that to Rodgers. I get it. Favre's competitive, but where this is a game on the field, off of it these players relate to one another and have camaraderie. Hell, even guys who play the same position on different teams yuck it up, work out together in the offseason, share agents. Don't believe me? Scroll down this page until you come across the image of Favre and Eli Manning chatting before the ESPYs the year Favre retired. That's the guy WHO BEAT FAVRE IN THE NFC TITLE GAME! And he couldn't reach out to a young guy in his own locker room? Wow.

So when Favre answers "For what?" to a question of why he didn't reach out to Rodgers, the obvious answer is how about to show someone you're a human being and not an a-hole. You're the Legend. You're the guy who everyone else looks up to. You're supposed to be the epitome of lead by example. Instead you come across as looking like the jilted lover full of scorn and anger. It fits you about as well as that purple jersey and horn on your helmet. You're wearing horns all right, but they might as well be cuckold horns instead of Viking horns.

Rodgers, on the other hand, is mature beyond his years. He took the questions and answered them truthfully and without sounding like he was above the questions. It's funny how the younger guy has learned all the lessons and the old dog can't be bothered to learn new tricks.

Green Bay Press-Gazette

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