Thursday, October 8, 2009


I loved the fact after the Packers/Vikings tilt when one of the ESPN talking heads - can't recall who - described Favre's postgame handshake with his former teammates as "gracious." Anyone can be gracious in victory. Would the same have happened if he'd lost?

Wonder no more! Is that the same gracious Favre who fled the field like a sore loser after Pennington punked his ass on his home field and knocked the aged Legend off his pedestal and out of the playoffs last December?

Yeah, thought so.

But, again, the media's blind love of this jerk knows no objective bounds. Favre could be responsible for swine flu and the headline would read: "Favre's Love of His Fellow Man Leads Him to Single-Handedly Burgeon Their Immune Systems."

Watch Pennington searching for him and Favre getting the hell out of there. Gracious, my ass. 


  1. Class act buddy. True colors come out once the Green and Gold comes off.

  2. Class act, me or Favre?

    Cuz if you meant me, then I assume you're being genuine, and if you meant Favre your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek.