Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh Where Are the Favre Fans?

I'm sure they're all waiting for the Vikings to win before trolling. No self-respecting Favre fan ever called their shot before running their mouths. Rest assured, they'll be here after Favre beats the Packers to say ... "I told you so!" in oh-so-many well-thought-out, intelligent paragraphs. Green Bay has the smartest fans in the world, donchaknow?

Come on, myopians, where are you? Where is the defense of his backpedaling, misremembering, revisionist history from yesterday? Could it be he's finally through the looking glass with even you, his staunchest supporters? You have to admit that whole "Well, when I said 'stick it to Ted Thompson,' that didn't necessarily mean I was out for revenge" explanation was particularly choice.

Who is this guy? And does he honestly believe his own brand of b.s.? He must to want people to believe it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh the myops will flock if (a big if) the Queens win. It will be more of the "Look what Favre brought to the Je.., err Queens. He gave them confidence. What a leader I tell you. He's a legend". Now, if the Queens lose it will be a team loss (receivers didn't run their routes, coverage team let then down, and the ole stand-by "But Favre was injured. Didn't you see ESPN?".