Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favre Is Favring Favrelous Again!

Your week 5 MVP is, once again, Brett Favre. God, I love the way he plays the game. It's like he's a kid out there!

A kid who's 40 years old, that is. And to make sure we all know he's sacrificed for us in a way no man should be asked to sacrifice for our entertainment, he throws this out there: "For the last 19 years, all the holidays, including my birthday, I'm either playing or getting ready to play," he said. "No different this week, unless Brad is going to throw me a big party. I think it deserves something. I really do. I just want to throw that out there: 40." LA Times

I'm sure you just wanted to throw that out there and that isn't yet another shot at Ted Thompson for kicking your hillbilly ass to the curb. I just wish he'd have done it before you threw that pathetic excuse for a pass to end the NFC Championship game, you ol' Legend you.

Long looooooooooooooong live Brett Favre.

(PHOTO: Bruce Kluckhohn/US Presswire)


  1. Brett won again today. The natives are getting restless and calling for Teddy's head. If the Packers lose to the Vikings in Lambeau in a few weeks everyone will be counting the days until the end of the season and thankfully the end of the clowns running the Packer circus.Favre is the best thing that ever happened to the Packers and Thompson screwed that up.

  2. Brett didn't win today. THE VIKINGS won. But it's always about Favre at the center, isn't it? THEY beat the worst team in the league. When the Packers beat the Rams, everyone was quick to point out how bad they were.

    We'll see where the Vikes are after the next three weeks. If they're 8-0 after the next three games, I'll be willing to give them their due.

    You're a Favre apologist who can't see beyond the truth. It's ironic that you think Ted Thompson is holding this team hostage when it was your beloved Brett Favre who forced his hand by being a waffling child who couldn't make up his mind year after year after year after year.

    Brett Favre wanted special treatment. The Packers no longer were willing to concede that and he's now a tarnished legacy-wearing Viking, hopefully forever. I hope he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Viking. He doesn't deserve to wear the "G" in the Hall of Fame.