Friday, October 2, 2009

I Wonder If By Close He Means Through Wood or Drywall

Adrian Peterson is the latest to fall under Favre's spell. Quick! Who has Thomas Jones' phone number?! And how quickly before the best player in the game comes to his senses?

Say uber-scribes "Chip" Scoggins and Judd "Zulgad" over at the Star Trib: "Peterson said he already has developed a connection with the veteran QB. Favre has praised Peterson numerous times since joining the team, and it's clear Peterson has great respect for Favre. The two have lockers close together at Winter Park."

Let me repeat that for those of you just in from a long, early morning bender: "The two have lockers close together at Winter Park." Where the hell are you, true Viking fan? You're allowing your franchise player to fraternize with the waffler? He'll wind up in Los Angeles at this rate. Have you no sense of fandom? Oh wait, he'll wind up in LA anyway, because that's where your pathetic franchise is headed when the lease is up on the Hump Dome.

But wait. There's more. Favre has a l-o-c-k-e-r? Come awn. This wasn't on the ticker running on SportsCenter. WHERE THE HELL IS FREAKING RACHEL NICHOLS? And you Favre haters with all of your "he has a Hilton of his own" claptrap. For shame. I guess we now know we can't trust Adrian Peterson around the PBR anymore.


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