Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Embarrassingly Transparent"

So says a New York Jets general manager of Favre's plan to use the Jets for a season to earn a spot on the Vikings roster and exact his (non-existent errand for) revenge. Ultimate team guy.

The thing about all of this is Favre is clearly not the player he used to be no matter how many of his fans think he can play at the 1996 Favre level until he's surfing for transportation at The Scooter Store.  That heave to Greg Lewis last week notwithstanding (and if you've followed this blog, even a hater like me found some level of greatness in that play), Favre has never been one to turn his emotion inward. Look at all the big games he's played throughout his career. He either rises up or - more often than not - falls flat on his smirking mug.

The proof will be in the pudding tomorrow night for all of the myopians and Favre fans to rise up as one when he has his shot to prove Ted Thompson wrong. He will be slinging eggs all night as the Packers undoubtedly stack the box to protect themselves from having Purple Jesus run all over them. He'll have every opportunity to show he's still got it. That's precisely the strategy the Packers failed to employ in their Super Bowl XXXII loss to the Elway-led Broncos when an over-the-hill QB was the focus of the defensive gameplan, instead of the all-world RB Terrell Davis. Even with a migraine, Davis made the Packers pay time and time again, yet Shurmur and the Packers refused to stray from their strategy and it cost them dearly.

So Monday night, Favre will get his chance. Will it be a situation where he'll be able to use his emotion to his advantage and beat the Packers on his own, or will he fall prey to the swirling hate in his belly and start heaving the ball all over the place regardless of the color jersey the players are wearing?

All the time spent over the last 14 months, left to his own thoughts, comes down to the first of two meetings tomorrow night. Good luck, Brett. History says it's not impossible, but you're going to need it.

New York Daily News

(PHOTO: Levey/Getty)

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