Monday, October 26, 2009

UPDATED! - Didja Hear the One About Brad Childress?

No, not Brett Favre's butler or limo driver, but his coach. Courtesy of Chris Mortensen via Deadspin, we have a pretty strange story of the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings dressing in drag aboard their charter.

Word has it the strange situation was some lesson in respect for flight attendants. Apparently, self-respect was not part of the lecture. Good work, Mr. Noodle.

(PHOTO: Muppetwiki)

UPDATE: Visanthe Shiancoe posted cell pics he took of Childress, yes, in drag, aboard the team's flight. Dear Lord, please let the memory of this be wiped from my eyes ...

And may Brett Favre throw five interceptions into the waiting arms of Chuck Woodson.



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