Monday, October 26, 2009

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Sometimes it's nice to hear a former player speak the truth instead of the company line corporate-speak so many modern athletes are prone to deliver.

Or they can just lie like Brett Favre and say whatever suits them and their selfish aims, and then later retract said lie and act like they have no idea what the big deal was in the first place. 

I give you Lynn Dickey, true Packer. 

(PHOTO: Sportsbuy)


  1. I watched it as well as a couple other ones on that page from Dickey that were more specific about Favre. I don't know what you find so noteworthy in this link.
    He simply points out the Packers biggest problem last year was the Defense. He points out the quartback position is "overrated" and "somewhat overrated". He is complimentry of Rodgers but is far from saying anything strong against Favre.
    It was Fanfest and he validated the current direction of the Packers. I like Dickey. He said exactly what you would expect him to say in that setting. It was politically correct at best.
    Your heading leads one to believe he said some strong words that needed to be said and that really wasn't the case.

  2. The heading doesn't lead anything into anything. Defensive much? One of your main points last year was that Rodgers couldn't close the deal in close games, even though he did what was asked of him and the defense stunk. So there's that.

    But basically, my point was to say that a former Green Bay quarterback thought very highly of Aaron Rodgers, and it was fresh to hear someone say things like "the defense stunk" and be painfully truthful, rather than obtuse, lying and juvenile.

    Sheesh. What are you so defensive about? Having a hard time supporting the Lyin' Legend?

  3. Not defensive, just used to looking for an attack since this is an anti-Favre website. I was "disappointed" that there wasn't a direct attack on Favre.
    At any rate, I find no fault with Dickey or what he said.
    Your website is entertaining. We need to find a way to get more people coming to it.

  4. Spread the word "annonymous." We can only do so much.

  5. On a bad day, Dickey was twice the QB Bradshaw was.

    And the dude turned out 3 smoking hot daughters.

    Also of note, Dickey's successor (albeit brief) Jim Zorn just had his playcalling duties taken away by the GM. And handed over to Sherm Lewis. Post game comments were quite possibly the funniest ever that weren't trying to be funny. When asked, he basically said he got a few of his own calls in there, including the touchdown. In other words F*ck you Dan & Vinnie - I know what the hell I'm doing. Washington seems to be going the Oakland route. Shame "uncle Dan" :) doesn't just give me the money instead of pissing it away.