Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is This THE Pat? And Is Pat a SHE, Not a He?

Wrightstown’s Pat Vickman also hoped to catch a glimpse of No. 4, before today’s game. “I hope Brett throws for 400 yards, and the Packers win,” she said.

Hmm ... Sounds like our Pat. But I thought our Pat was a dude.

Wait, no. That can't be right. Our Pat would never want the Packers to win. Our Pat's not a Packers fan.



  1. Nice... you are right I (the real Pat) would not root for the Packers today.
    Now,my parents named me Patrick but your parents named you something like Pointdexter and you prefer to go by Darth Vader. Its cool. I understand how playing Star Wars is your identity.
    Its the whole "I'm o.k., your'e o.k." thing.

  2. Take it easy, dude. Just poking a little fun ;-)

  3. I actually showed my wife and commented your website is pretty creative. I'm sure that picture was too good to pass

    Prediction: Vikings win today by at least 10!

  4. What happened to you? You disappeared just like the Packers playoff hopes.

  5. He's in Wyoming chasing whitetails.....obviously a lot more exciting than posting on his blog. I haven't heard from him, so I am under the assumption that the hunting is not good. I'm still here Pat, so you can feel good about that.

  6. Cool. I am a bowhunter, too. I whacked a nice 8 pointer on my land in WI last Monday, but am really psyched about my trip to Eastern Colorado bowhunting for whitetails the last week of this month.

    We all fight but have a lot more in common than different. Have a good one. Tell Darth Vader to post a picture of his buck if he gets one.

  7. Wow, I've been in a treestand abut 8 times this fall and the only shooter buck I saw was 150 yards away. I must be hunting in the wrong spot.

    I'm sure Vader will have photos...although he has a tendancy to shoot them in the ass first, then finishes them off with a kill shot. I call it buck fever......

    I'll be in a stand tomorrow morning....probably seeing nothing.