Sunday, October 18, 2009

GANK! - Advantage Favre

Nice work, a-hole. Try to at least put a good foot on it next time. Jeebus, I've seen high schoolers with more skill than that.

Anyway, onto the action ... The Packers dominated a team they should have and the Vikings played well enough not to let their visiting team make a game-winning field goal with time expiring to go to 6-0. Again, both QBs played very well and the numbers looked like this:

Rodgers: 113.73
Favre: 136.85

Minnesota goes to Pittsburgh next week and will have a tall order against the seemingly resurgent Steelers. The Packers play at Cleveland. Two weeks until Hillbilly and the Clan of the Golddigger Bear return to Lambeau.


  1. You insist on making this a comparison between Rodgers and Favre and I like that! Without Favre, the Vikings would be 3-3, at best. He has 12 touchdown passes and just two interception. He is 3rd in the league in passer rating. Most importantly, he shows much better football instincts in getting rid of the ball and not giving up sacks and even worse safeties.
    At this point, Favre is vastly superior to Rodgers.

  2. I'm not insisting on anything, except that Favre fans are blinded by the obvious and can simply not come to grips that the guy will fail AGAIN. Just like he did last year. And the year before that. And the year before that.

    You point to nothing to prove your assertions, and make wild idiotic commentary that has no basis in fact. How on earth could you possibly prove your statement "Without Favre, the Vikings would be 3-3, at best"? It's an opinion. Good luck with that. I hope it keeps you warm when he tears your heart out again this year.

    You fear the truth, because the truth is he's an overblown media creation. His historical stats of being a fantastic quarterback for 11 weeks of the season, tailing off near the end and then ganking in the playoffs are so well-documented you'd be a fool not to see it. I wouldn't call you a fool, but alas ...

    If you need yet another year of proof, you'll have it in purple this year. And I'm sure you'll head for the hills and not comment until this time next year. Favre is nearly TWO DECADES in the league and has ONE Super Bowl on his resume.

    Of course that would be a team effort, but in your mind I'm sure it's all Favre.

    I have one question: are you a Favre/Packer fan or a gloating bandwagon Viking fan?

  3. Favre /Packer fan(WI resident for over 40 years)

  4. Much better football instincts....I guess I would expect that from a guy who has played 18 years in the league. However, how many picks does he have with those great instincts?

    You continue to drivel about your savior in the false hopes that he will once again rise from the ashed to punk his former team to "show them they made a mistake." You are no different that he is...a small minded, coddled child who throws a tantrum when mommy doesn't get him the gum at the checkout line. Only in this case, the Packers were the mommy and the gum was playing for the Vikings.

    Go back to bed loser, your non-factual nonsense is as worthless as Favre succeeding in the first half of the season.

  5. I like your fire J-Dub but what will you do when Favre suceeds the whole season? It might just happen. What will you do when the Packers finish .500 or less and Thompson and his flunky McCarthy get canned?
    You might have to rename yourself "J-Uh-Dah". You are clueless. Keep up your bitterness against Favre and keep telling yourself he did you wrong when you know the Pack is going downhill with the current management.

  6. What will I do....move on with my life. Maybe you should try it...but I know, you live your life in honor of the Legend that is Favre. Your room is plastered with posters and quotes from the great one. You buy your seafood from Hattisberg and you named your dog bumpkin. But I understand......

    McCarthy should be fired, but not because of the way he told Favre to go pound sand...but for the way he coaches this team and is unable to provide the discipline that is needed to win. And you my friend, when the 2009 NFL season is over and you are once again left standing at the alter waiting for Favre to bring you a Lombardi will still be one of the many myopic followers of a guy who could care less about you and lusts after the spotlight. Have fun lover.....