Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smoke, Meet Mirror

The Vikings are averaging 348 yards on offense while allowing 342 on D, a paltry six-yard difference. This is why some observers think their 6-0 mark has a little smoke-and-mirrors to it.

Well, that and it's not week 11, yet, when Favre will begin his historic swan dive into oblivion and the excuses will fly like the swallows of Capistrano.

OK, so I'm ahead of myself. Favre has played far better than his advanced age would dictate and playing indoors for 97% of the year will probably bode well for his tired, unable-to-resist-the-cold-of-January body. I guess that means the Vikings had better hope and pray they finish with a better record than the Giants or we might see something like the image pictured when Favre's mind was anywhere but in Green Bay.


  1. One thing the Vikings can count of FOR SURE is that they WON'T have to play outdoors in Green Bay in the Playoffs!...HA HA HA

  2. Because MN will get bumped early?

  3. Any Playoff action in Green Bay will have to happen at Preble, Ashwaubenon, or Bayport!!

  4. And again, I'll just bring this up because it begs asking again: you're a Packer fan? If you answer yes to that, you're a liar and a hypocrite.


  5. Our ways of looking at this are just opposite. You look at it from the perspective that current Packer Management MUST know what is right. I look at as this current crew in charge is not fit for the job.
    All of my negative comments about the Packers are focused on the Three Stooges. I will not and can not support the organization when their leaders are so wrong in how they do things. You guys are the ones that need to take off the "Blinders" and not just accept things because you are Packer fans.
    From my perspective, I am the opposite of a hypocrite because I STAND for these principles and won't waiver. I didn't waiver when it looked like Favre was not going to play for the Vikings. In other words, this started out just about Favre but has developed into a lot more examples of the mistakes of the Packer organization.
    Only when MM,TT & MM are gone will mission be accomplished, and the Packers will be my team again.
    I don't expect you will ever "get this" but I will keep battling.
    I'm definately not a liar. That much you can definately count on.

  6. Spoken like a true fair weather fan: "If I don't get my way, I'm taking my ball and going home!"

    Sounds a lot like your Legend. No wonder you like him so much.

  7. Your weak analogy leaves me searching for a response so I guess I will have to lower my standards and respond with :
    Go play with your light saber.

  8. OK so on some level, I can get the Ted Thompson hate. The guy isn't terribly likeable and comes across as an arrogant jerk (very much like Ron Wolf by the way, did you hate him too?). And you Favre apologists have drunk the schitzophrenic, everybody is out to get me conspiracy theory Kool Aid Favre has been serving.

    But Mark Murphy? What'd he do to pee in your Cheerios? He's only been here for a couple of years & had almost no involvement with your hero at all. There's no way anyone in his shoes would make any sort of major move.

    And Mike McCarthy? Sorry bozos, he's a good coach and without question, one of the best playcallers in the league. If you could be remotely objective at all (though I guess you clearly prove that you can't) you'd be able to step back with a little perspective and realize that even though he didn't bow down & kiss your heroes fanny to his/your liking, big picture he's a very solid coach.

  9. "Solid" is right, as in stocky, chubby, obese, -fat.

  10. ""Solid" is right, as in stocky, chubby, obese, -fat."

    Way to display the brilliance we should come to expense from Favre apologists.

    And while I'm at it - let me make an absolute statement. No one who roots for the Vikings to beat the Packers _under any circumstances_ can call themselves a Packer fan. You were a Favre fan - nothing wrong with that, people are fans of specific players all the time. I was a big Hershel Walker fan even though I didn't like the teams he played for. But independent of wanting to see an individual player do well, if want to see one of a team's biggest rival beat them, you simply are not a fan of theirs. And after enough years, or in the event of the scorched earth situation where everybody who 'dun your boy wrong' were gone, on behalf of all Real Packer fans - you're not welcome back.

  11. Don't need your permission or blessing for anything. I do enjoy your blind loyalty , though. Its amusing.

  12. Funny Pat, how you talk of blind loyalty. Two costly Favre turnovers cost your favorite team the game today. Yet you still talk of "fluke" plays on the fumble and "it was Chester Taylors fault" on the picked screen pass. Oh, sorry, I though I was still on

    Wow...kettle, this is pot........